Saif Ali Khan’s IFTAR party

Saif Ali Khan might come across as a split brat but the chote nawab does have a kind heart. Just last week, the actor celebrated IFTAR with a group of security guards at his son’s karate class in Andheri. According to Delhi Times source, Saif ali was shooting at a studio when he thought of paying a surprise visit to his son Ibrahim at the latter’s karate class. He wanted to check out Ibrahim’s progress. However, when Saif arrived at the venue, to his surprise, the security guard refused to let him enter the premises. Said ali lost his cool, abused the guard, pusghed him away and went inside. After a while, Saif realised that the security guard was only doing his duty and regretted being rude to him. So he went back to apologise to him. Meanwhile, someone had pointed out to the security guard that it was Saif Ali Khan he had been arguing with. Of course, he was taken aback when Saif came up to him and apologised. Since it was evening, the security guard asked saif to join him for Iftar and the actor readily agreed. So. the team of security guards had a memorable Iftar party with the actor for company.

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