Rendezvous with Mr. John Abraham

Delhi Times got an opportunity to catch hold of the macho and handsome looking Bollywood actor, John Abraham. When asked about being out of picture from a long time John said That was by choice. I would rather be seen than heard. I’ve always believed in working quietly and not making tall claims. I always said roles abroad would happen when they are meant to happen. At the end of the day, Bollywood is my home. I’m damn lucky to be getting all these opportunities.Regarding his upcoming mainstream Hollywood film ‘Luna’ with the legendry director Deepa Mehta in which he is playing the lead role, John told Delhi Times that “Deepa has shown a lot of faith in me. I’m very delighted that my co-star is Rachel Weisz. What a performance she gave in The Constant Gardner! Mine is a beautifully-etched role in Luna where I play an activist. The heartening thing is that my nationality isn’t even mentioned. And my character’s name isn’t Indian. What’s vital is that the producers of Luna share Deepa’s faith in my abilities.”about John’s being compared in looks with Antonio Banderas, John had to say that “I come from a completely different cultural space. But you do feel flattered when you’re compared with a good-looking Hollywood icon like Banderas. I’m not even two per cent of what he is!”

John’s problem with Arshad Warsi is another interesting issue nowadays. For this John clarified that “I’m not going to sit here and clarify my non-existent problems. It’s sad when false things are written about me. I want people to know that I’m not a vindictive person. Neither Arshad nor I have spoken against each another. We were shooting for Goal in London when these stories started circulating. So, these stories are coming from somewhere else. I have no clue who’s spreading them. I’ve been out of the country and am pretty much disconnected with what’s being said and spread. About Bipasha being dragged into his supposed fight with Arshad, John replied that “Bipasha is a woman of substance. She tells it like it is. We’re both straight, honest and clean”.

Regarding inaccessibility as a factor behind media gossips, he claimed that “It’s true; I’m inaccessible to the media when I’m shooting abroad. I’m sure the stories come from those who are accessible abroad.”

About his problems with the actor Salman Khan some time ago, John held that “I personally have no problems with anybody. I don’t speak against anyone, because I feel no negativity for anyone. One reason why I’m surviving in the film industry is because I feel no sense of insecurity. I enjoy my space.”

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