Priyanka.. new hairstyle for Don

Remember Zeenat Aman’s Lady Diana hairtstyle in Chandra Barot’s Don? That was actually a wig. Zeenat with her multi-shift schedule could hardly afford to cut her hair . Continuity was always a problem in the way of credibility for the superstars of yesteryears. When Rajesh Khanna had to sport a beard for his fugitive’s role in Yash Chopra’s Ittefaq, he appeared simultaneously in more than half of Raj Khosla’s Do Raaste with a beard—quite unnecessarily out of character.

Now , of course stars have more freedom. Sighs Priyanka, “I did Don at a stretch…and boy do I feel stretched! I’ve never felt better. The amount I’ve worked-out in the last one month I’ve made up for my whole life. The stint with the trainer in England has done me a wealth of good. In fact one reason why I stayed in a separate hotel away from the rest of the crew for Dharmesh Darshan’s Aap Ki Khatir is because my hotel had a gym in it. I feel fit and fine. I had never seen the inside of a gym. But now I intend to work-our regularly….for at least four months. We’ll see after that. See, my metabolism doesn’t allow me to lose or gain weight drastically.”

Priyanka had to put on weight for Rakesh Roshan’s Krissh. “My director Rakesh Roshan decided that my character musn’t be skinny. So I worked on putting on weight. And then I immediately had to reduce my weight for Don.”

Things are working out quite regularly for Piyanka. She got herself a new hairstyle exclusively for Don. “It went with the look that Farhan Akhtar and I decided for my character. Roma is a fighter. But she never loses her femininity. So I shortened my hair by about three inches , given myself a completely different look.”

by: Subhash K Jha/

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