Priyanka Chopra plays a double role in ‘Love Story 2050′

Priyanka Chopra plays a double role for the first time in producer-director Harry Baweja’s ‘Love Story 2050’. The actress was offered the role when Kareena Kapoor walked out of the film and she was quick in grabbing the offer.

Both her roles are starkly different from each other. “One part has her playing a mellow, coy, next door kind of girl while the other one is very outlandish, loud and headstrong. She’s brilliant in both of them and I am sure her fans will love it,” says Rowena Baweja, who is all praises for Priyanka.

Shot in Adelaide, South Australia, the film, which is loosely based on H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine”, is a futuristic science fiction loaded with special effects. Harman Baweja is making his debut with this sci-fi movie which also has a robot.

Seventy percent of the shooting is complete and they are tentatively planning to release it in August. The background music has been scored by Salim-Suleiman along with Anu Malik, with lyrics by Javed Akhtar .

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