Preity Zinta – Running for cover

Preity Zinta is the most chiiled out babe in Bollywood. Preity is a star alright, but she rarely wears the haughty starry attitude on her sleeve. And that’s why everyone loves her. She wanted to go for the Guru music launch that happened over the weekend, but her driver was missing from the scene. Preity asked her cousin Inder, if he could drive her down to the event, and he obviously obliged. What she didn’t know was that Inder’s car didn’t have dark tinted windows. So all through the way she had on lookers peeping in and exclaiming, “Look, Look,look Preity Zinta.” Even at the gas station, with preity sitting next to the driver’s seat, no one could miss her. Tired of hiding her face for long, she looked at them and said, “yes it’s Preity Zinta. Now what?” Later she added, “I wish I had a towel: I would have put it on my head and sat.” Now that’s PJ for you, a coll cat!

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