Patch-up with Ashmit Patel? Ridiculous, says Amisha Patel

A recent report in a city tabloid took actress Amisha Patel by surprise. Ameesha said that she is surprised by the news of her alleged patch-up with brother Ashmit Patel at Salman Khan’s Eid party. According to the report, when amisha entered Salman’s house, the actor locked Ameesha and brother Ashmit inside a room to facilitate a patch-up between them. A source present at the venue said, “Nothing of that sort happened. Why would Salman interfere in anyone else’s personal life? Everyone comes to Salman’s house for his Eid Party, so does Ashmit Patel and Ameesha. He certainly didn’t go all out to sort out others’ problems. Salman doesn’t interfere like anyone interfering in his personal life, so he doesn’t interfere in others’ lives too.” When DT asked Ameesha patel about the incident, she said, “Don’t be ridiculous. Salman khan is a good friend of both Ashmit and me. We just happend to be at his house at the same time. Why would he lock us up in a room? All I know is that I had a blast at the party. I would also like to admit that salman and his family are perfect hosts.” Source: ‘Times Of India’

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