Paris Hilton woos sympathy from Bollywood star

The star socialite Paris Hilton has won the sympathy of people from different corners of the world. And India is one of these places. The famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan has sympathized with the heiress and said that Hilton will become a strong woman on her return from jail.Salman Khan has himself served several stints in the jail because of reasons like killing of protected wild animals and crashing his car taking the life of one and injuring two others etc. But Salman sees the positive side of the imprisonment. He feels that the peaceful atmosphere of the jail helped him calm down his rage and wild and hopes the same for the heiress too.

Salman says “When you are in there, there is no one more important than you. You have to handle being alone. You have to love yourself. Everybody should get this time to be alone. “It will make her a stronger person.”

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