Munnabhai changing people in real life

Sometimes a movie can become an instrument of social change.

People are not just watching and forgetting Lage Raho Munnabhai after walking out of the theatres. The movie has been able to make an impact on the psyche of the viewers, at least some of them.

The film’s director Rajkumar Hirani says he is flooded with hundreds of stories from across the country about the way audiences have been reacting after watching the film.

Citing one such story, Hirani says an old couple was about to move into their new house and was thinking of consulting a Vastu expert before shifting. But they dropped the idea after watching ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’, which rubbishes the beliefs in numerologists and astrologers.

In another incident, a young guy came out of the theatre after watching the movie and after noticing the disposed off tickets strewn all over the place he started picking them up and threw them in a waste basket.

Hirani says he derives maximum satisfaction from these small actions by the people who see the film.

Meanwhile, in Delhi some youths have already adopted the slogan and written on the back of their cars – ‘Gandhigiri wins over Dadagiri’.


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