Linkups of 2006: Some accepted, some denied

Dia Mirza & Kunal Kapoor

After his breakup with Riya Sen, Kunal Kapoor got hooked up with Diya Mirza and for this couple the cupid was played by Subi Samuel, who is a common friend for both of them. Both Kunal and Diya are all full of praises for each other, but ask them about their relationship, both of them say, “No, pleeeaaase, not about it”.

Sushmita Sen & Randeep Hooda

Sushmita has had a long list of relationships, but her current linkup is Randeep Hooda with whom her relationship seems to be always on a roller-coaster ride. Now, you hear about their breakup and then you hear about the couple tying the knot. However Randeep Hooda says, “Media and papers need to sell and get ads. For this they use gossip on our personal lives. As for me, let it be known that I am still single and am enjoying it”.

Konkona Sen Sharma & Ranvir Shorey

There were a lot of rumours about their breakup, but the couple seemed to be having fun and at very much ease with each other on the sets and photo shoots of Traffic Signal defying all these rumours. Ranvir said, “We are public figures. So, a bit of peeping in our personal lives is but natural, but then how much intrusion is allowed by an individual should be respected by media”.

Tanushree Dutta and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

It all started when Mahendra Singh Dhoni ushered praises for Tanushree in his interviews. However Tanushree said, “I have never heard anything more ridiculous than this, for I have never ever met him. Getting rumours about linkup with a friend is natural but with someone whom you have never met is strange”.

Mahima Chaudhary getting married

2006 almost got Mahima married to an NRI, but Mahima denied all saying, “How can I possibly marry some NRI in Florida when I have not been to Florida since last 3 years. I had ‘n’ number of phone calls after this rumour, some chiding me and some congratulating me…. And I had a tough time making everyone understand the truth”.

Isha Koppikar and Inder Kumar

This was one couple who shyly accepted their relationship. Inder, after one year marriage and divorce said, “Isha has been my ten year old friend. Marriage is not on the cards right now. But yes, when I get married it will definitely be Isha”. Isha has also accepted Inder being her special friend.

Amrita Arora and Usman

Here again, the couple is very open about their relationship. Amrita says, “No, we are not getting married right now. I have always been open about it. So whenever it takes place, you’ll definitely come to know”.

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