Katrina and Akshay: Painting London Red

Katrina Kaif went back to her roots. Only for a short span of time, while shooting for Namaste London, in the city of london, of course. For the rest of the unit members this was just another foreign location, but for the londoner, Katrina kaif, it felt like going back home. She was elated about taking Akshay Kumar and her director Vipul Shah all around town, to the best shopping places, restaurants and other hot-spots. Well, Akshay returned the sweet gesture too. When the unit moved back to punjab, it was his turn to play host on his home ground. So from the fields to dhabas…. he took them for a joyride in a total punju style of hospitality. Now that’s what we call mixing a bit of work and play. Works well, right vipul?

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