Kangana Ranaut bent on improving her dialogue delivery

Kangana has often been the target of film critics for her dialogue delivery. Now the gal has decided to stand up to it. So, she has begun with her classical singing lessons to improve her dialogue delivery. She wakes up religiously at four in the morning to get ready for her riyaaz. Her guru is Amitabh Chakraborty and he arrives, dot at five in the morning. They practice for a good two hours before she leaves for shooting.Initially Amitabh was a bit hesitant to teach Kangana as he feels classical singing should be learnt either before 18 years of age or after a good 40 years, but now he seems happy with Kangana’s dedication and progress.

Kangana Ranaut is confident that classical singing will help improve her voice quality.
Apparently Kangana’s neighbours are getting used to the weird screams from her gold mine. Anyway, the gal plans to learn to play the guitar as her next step.

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