I am bored with my face – Akshay Kumar

Akshay kumar is facing a dilemma. The actor is bored with his look and decided to go in for something different. Working towards this, the actor is surrently working out at the gym to losse weight and is also in talks with his stylist friends for this new look. “I am bored, and if I am bored with my face, imagine what the audience must be facing?” says akshay kumar. Apparently, he wants to get back to the lean look; the way he looked when he entered the industry. “I want to go back to my lean physique, probably leaner than my Khiladi phase,” he says. The actor had put on weight in the last two years and wants to put a check on it before it gets out of control. “I am basically a fit guy, but sometimes you put on weight. I have been seeing myself on screen and I have realised that I need to shed six to eight kilos of weight. The reafter I will look much fitter.

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