Hrithik Roshan dons many guises

It is a common knowledge that Hrithik Roshan plays a clever conman in Dhoom 2 . What is little known is that he will sport many different looks in the film.

The movie buffs are eager to see Hrithik stepping into the shoes of a thief who remains ever elusive for the cops (played by Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu ) in the Yash Raj Film’s much-awaited venture ‘Dhoom 2’.

It is a role for which Hrithik has trained extensively in dangerous sports like roller-blading, sand boarding, snow boarding, sky diving and bike stunts also.

And if this was not enough, speculation is rife that Hrithik will be seen in as many as 15 different guises in the film. The movie’s theatrical promos already show Hrithik in 3-4 different get-ups. And the buzz is that Hrithik also guises himself as a dwarf and as a woman in the film.

He adopts all these different looks to mislead the police.

Hrithik says the stunts he has done for ‘Dhoom 2’ are far more dangerous than the ones he did in his last release ‘Krrish’. Just for one action sequence in the film, Hrithik had to train for two months under the guidance of experts.

The movie’s climax features a dangerous stunt sequence inside a tunnel.

Stylist Anahita Shroff has given a very zany look to Hrithik in the film. While Anahita has worked on his entire wardrobe, Blunt parlour has designed his hairdo.

Sanjay Gadhavi, the film’s director says the basic idea is to make Hrithik look “very hot and sexy”.

‘Dhoom 2’ is slated to hit the theatres in November.


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