Gulshan plays Aishwarya’s hubby

After playing villain for a decade, Bollywood’s favourite veteran actor Gulshan Grover is gearing up to play of bollywood’s most beautiful actresses, Aishwarya Rai in Provoked. But not physically – only through his voice. “It all started when i saw the film in London. I was highly moved by Aishwarya’s powerhosue in the film. After the movie I told my friend Jag Mundra that I should have played the Punjabi husband, who loves his wife but illtreates her because of jealousy,” says grover. And now when the movie is being Readied for release, Ash and Jag has found a novel way to accomodate GG. THey have asked him to lend his voice for the husband’s character. GG, who has never dubbed for any actor but himself, is dubbing for the husband’s character which was played by Naveen Andrews. “This is my way of saluting the fantastic performance by Ash. While i am dubbing and watching each scene many times I can not help but notice the detailed work done by Ash and my friend Jag Mundra,” he says!

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