Gulshan Grover’s good advice to Europe

We all know that Bollywood’s perennial badman Gulshan Grover is probably India’s best known face in Hollywood and that he’s worked in international films too including french film Rose and Marguerite, Italian Film Branchie and german film Mysters De Sadhurah, Less probably, that’s what makes the veteran actor extremely popular among Western Filmmakers. “If they want to do anything in Bollywood, I am the first person they get in touch with”, laughs Gulshan grover. And that’s what a motley group of European filmmakers who are coming to bollywood to explore joint ventures are doing; they are turning to gulshan for an insight into Bollywood. “Five different producers and directors from Hollywood suggested my name, so I will have to meet them and address them,” says gulshan. Let’s hope the badman gives them some good advice. Image source: Flickr

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