‘Good Luck’ for Sayali Bhagat

From a long time Bollywood film makers have been copying Hollywood films under the tag of ‘inspiration’. The latest in the bandwagon is Aditya Datt whose next venture ‘Good Luck’ is ‘inspired’ by Hollywood comedy ‘Just My Luck’ starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. The movie has Sayali Bhagat and Aryeman in the lead roles. Other stars include Ranvir Shorey and Lucky Ali.The original Hollywood flick had Lindsay playing the luckiest girl in New York City while Chris playing the unluckiest guy. Their lucks swapped when Lindsay kissed Chris at a masquerade resulting in bad luck for Lindsay and golden fortune for Chris. To regain her lost luck back, Lindsey goes about kissing every guy she meets.

Image source: Indiafm

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