Fashion gets spiritual – John Abraham and Yana Gupta

It’s a simple beaded chain that has, for centuries, been used by Roman Catholica to count off their prayers. Now, joining the ranks of the ‘most happening’ fashion accessories this season across the world is the rosary! From Britney Spears to David Beckham, a whole horde of international celebrities have been spotted taking a shine to this prayer aid. But hang on! Why leave our desi fashionistas behind? Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and Yana Gupta all seem to be fans of the rosary.

“I was at a party recently and I spotted both John Abraham and Akshay Kumar sporting rosaries around their necks,” says a party goer. “It sure looks like this trend in wearing religious symbols has intensified, First, It was people wearing these crucifixes, then came the Jesus and Mother Marry embroidered shirts and now the rosary.” For model co-ordinator Rachel Furtaso, the idea of wearing a rosary came to her when she spotted Yana Gupta – whom she considers a major style icon – sport a rosary as a necklace on numerous occasions. Source: ‘Times Of India’

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