Don may run into trouble

Reports are that the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Don may run into trouble with the health ministry.

Yes, if you have watched the promos of the film on the small screen then your guess is bang on target as reports say that ‘Don’ seems to have touched a wrong chord with Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss, even before its release.

Last year Ramadoss had banned all smoking scenes in films and television and in the promos you can see SRK flinging a cigarette butt in the air and in another scene exhaling cigarette smoke on the face of the camera.

Reports are that Ramadoss is reportedly displeased with the fact that the lead character is allegedly glamourising smoking in the film.

Ramadoss’ contention, however, seems to be based solely on the promos of the film as he has not seen the movie as yet.

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani, defends ‘Don’ saying that no law had been violated and the promos of the movie had been cleared by the Censor Board before being aired.

Director Farhan Akhtar is also reportedly upset with what he calls ‘misinterpretation’ of the smoking scenes in the movie.

Sources say SRK’s character in the film was, in fact, against smoking and there is a dialogue in the movie which indicates that the actor denounces the act of smoking.

Reports say ‘Don’ went into production just after the health ministry had issued a notification banning smoking in films and the producers had taken enough care that the issue of smoking didn’t hamper the making of the film.

The remake of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Don (1978) , ‘Don’ is scheduled for a Diwali/Eid release this year.


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