Celina Jaitley’s having the last laugh

Celina Jaitley’s last release Apna Sapna Money Money was almost ironical. No, not the film, but her experience while shooting the film. “It was a very emotional time for me. I had just broken up with my boyfriend Sean Teague, and I was still trying to cope with it. And I had to go out there and shoot funny scenes. It was so ironical. But my director and co-stars were very supportive, so I sailed through it. So when I get compliments for the film now, I feel happier than usual, because the emotions attached to it are very different,” explains Celina Jaitley, in a very emotional Tone. Well as far as Celina is concerned, we don’t think the comedy flick was funny at all. But with all the compliments flowing in, we think she’s having the last laugh anyways!

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