Bipasha Basu: Home-breaker!

Don’t strike the panic button and don’t look for a huicy scandal out here. Yes, You read it right; now lets us help you get it right: now let us help you get it right. Bipasha Basu is very much with boyfriend, John Abraham, and she’s not out to break anyone else’s home. Except for her own lovely abode. The Gal’s been waiting to renovate her plush suburban apartment for a long time, and finally she’s got a chance. Bips will soon scooting it oof to australia and around the world, and in her absence her interior decorators will take over her house, break walls and floors and make major changes for a whole new revamped look. So when she’s back after gruelling weeks of toil, a swanky and shiny new house will be waiting to welcome her. That means a string of house a string of house-warming parties will follow too. Not a bad idea Bips, eh? Source: ‘Times Of India’

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