Ashmit Patel’s new Avtaar

Ashmit Patel is busy shooting these days for a period film titled ‘The Flag’. The movie is being directed by Sajiv Balath, who has made several documentaries in the past.

The storyline has been set in the British ruled India of 1940s and has Ashmit playing a villager called Deva who is a very patriotic man. Deva’s life is thrown out of gear when the British forces enter his village.

Ashmit has donned a new look for the movie. He will be sporting a very rustic look in the film. He will be seen wearing dhotis and kurtas. He has put on tan and gained weight for the role.

The movie is currently being shot in Bhuj(where Aamir Khan shot his Oscar-nominated movie Lagaan) and Ashmit says that people are very friendly and co-operative there.

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