Arjun Rampal learns a new for of martial art

Arjun Rampal is very excited about his character in DON (The Chase Begins Again). However, there is something else that the actor is thrilled about . Not only did Rampal imperonate Jasjit (JJ), one of the most memorable characters in the older version of DON, but also learnt a new kind of martial art form from the ancient warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple in China. Arjun says, “Farhan hired a martial arts expert called Kanishk, a monk from the Shaolin Temple in China. He and his troupe trained each character in a different martial art form. My character is strong but emotional. JJ walks with a cane, so they showed me how to fight with a cane.” The troupe rehearsed with the cast of DON for an entire month before the film was shot. Arjun says, “It’s stylish and new. There’s nothing over the top about it.” But what is the action without an element of danger? “Thankfully I handled the cane very well,” says Arjun rampal. “But there was a sequnce where I had to give a rounded punch to Shah Rukh Khan, standing on a narrow bridge. My hand went right into the iron rods behind Shah rukh and for the rest of the day, I had to keep my hand covered with ice cubes.”

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