Amrita arora and Malaika Arora: Role swapping?

The arora gals, Malaika arora khan and Amrita Arora dress up like complete glam-gals. Whether it’s a family dinner, or a filmi party, they are always at their stunning best. We also heard that Ammu often ransacks elder sis’ wardrobe. “I am tempted to and I do it often. It’s the most trendy, awesome wardrobe ever. I love her high fashion tops, shoes and bags. I always tell my friends that if there are anything they wabt to raid, they shuld raid Malaika’s wardrobe,” says Amrita Arora. “I think i have my own sex-appeal and Malaika has hers. I don’t want to swap my sex appeal with Malaika’s. I am happy the way I am perceived. DOing that would take away the charm from both of us.”

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