Amisha patel in trouble

Amisha Patel is having a tough time in Surat even though she has not done anything wrong. Amisha was absent at the much talked about charity dance show on June 2 where she had to perform led the spectators to go on a rampage at that place. The local people of Surat got so angry that they ransacked the indoor stadium premises and damaged the state-of-the-art equipment. The organizers are blaming Amisha for pulling out of the show and want to file a complaint against her for the breach of the contract. But according to Amisha, she didn’t appear because she was not given the remuneration on time. After Amisha signed the contract the token cheque of two lakh rupees given to her got bounced and the organizers handed out a demand draft.Amisha’s spokesperson said that “I have never heard of the organisers. We were dealing with their local agent, Shariq. The usual practice is that they pay you the entire amount before you take the stage. They made false promises and the money never came. They even refused to answer our calls for days.” Eventually, she pulled out when they refused to address her concerns.
Amisha’s business manager Sanjay Upadhaya says that the organisers are known for hoarding the money that they raise from shows. “After much probing I have gathered that these guys have a very bad reputation. I’m told that even Priyanka Chopra had a problem with them.”

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