Ameesha Patel : Turning over a new page

We know that Ameesha Patel is a real book lover. If you ever visit the gal on the sets of  film you will see books strewn around her make-up van. She loves talking about her favourite books. In fact, in the past some of her co-stars have actually branded her as ’snobbish’ because she preferred reading in her cozy van during shooting breaks, rather than socialising with the rest of the cast and crew. Well, just blame it on her crazy love for books, guys. It warm up to another, right? Now that the gal is being extra choosy about her roles, and signing on projects slowly but wisely, in her spare time she’s lost in reams of pages. Well Ameesha, we are waiting for a new chapter in your life to open. We only mean another super hit film!

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