Ameesha Patel goes deglam

Ameesha patel has made up her mind to stick on minimal make-up, on screen and off screen as well. In factm she has got a new deglam portfolio done by photographer Avinash Gowarikar. Ameesha says, “I usually don’t like wearing too much make-up. All my friends tell me that I much better without make-up and that’s how I prefer to be also. But on screen it is different. There I was forced to don lots of make-up. Now i just want to scrub my face clean. So in that sense, I guess the is the new me.” Remembring her blonde-look days she says, “Well, the rebel in me made me colour my hair blonde. But now I am back to my original hair colour. And I am sure about one thing – I will never ever cut my hair short again. Not even if Steven Speilberg asks me to. I just love every inch of my locks.”

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