Ajay Devgan shocks Shamita Shetty

The sets of Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Cash’ are trembling with fun and pranks which is but natural with seven big stars in the project. It was Ajay Devgan who gave Shamita Shetty a shock of her life on the sets. Get the whole story as per Shamita who narrates, “Ajay went shopping one day and came up to me with this toy they said which resembled an ipod. He and Zayed told me to listen to the new song of CASH on it. I thought it was really sleek and couldn’t wait to hear the song. But the moment I turned it on, I got the shock of my life! It was actually a device that gave out electric shocks and currents, I was totally freaked out!”Well, gotta say Ajay is learning to freak out in bubbling Kajol’s company.

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