Aishwarya Rai is at her modest best

Aishwarya Rai is truly more than the sum of her parts. Apart from being an ephemeral beauty who can also act, she is very much a rooted girl who remembers the lessons in good manners that she learnt as an impressionable girl. Those around her must surely be appreciating her for not forgetting them when she is paid a compliment. It was Pradeep dada, her make-up man who must have felt all warm inside when Ash credited him and her make-up staff for making her look good. Ash said that actors do not have a fixed timetable, which makes it more difficult for their immediate retinue to ensure that they are always at their presentable best. Ash feels her close staff members are almost like family to her and they take good care of her. Aw… isn’t she sweet? Such a darling, but then you don’t need to do much to make this green eyed enchantress look good, do you?

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