After U.P. and Bihar, Shilpa wins U.K.

With about 350,000 pounds in her pocket Shilpa Shetty emerged victorious from the ‘Big Brother’s House’ defeating her last competitor, Germen Jackson. Shilpa got 63% votes.

Along with the money Shilpa gets to work in a Hollywood movie by Fox pictures, an opportunity to write a book, to endorse a line of clothes, cosmetics and jewellary, to host a cricket reality show, to work in a television documentary, to host a prize ceremony and also an interview with The Sun. Pheww!! Now that’s quite a handful.

With her victory Shilpa forgave Jade saying, “Jade is definitely not a racist. I do not want to leave England putting anyone in any trouble. The country has given a lot to me.”

After shedding tears for bearing racist remarks and being called ‘dog’ and ‘Paki’, the graceful lady now sheds tears for the joy of victory.

As for us, we say, “All’s well that ends well!!”

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